1. Using the Administrative Module

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2. The Reference Universe Widget

Why not add a search of Reference Universe right on your library's main page, to bring your library's electronic and print reference collection 'front and center' with your patrons?

Use the Reference Universe Widget to expedite access to Reference Universe and get your patrons started on the right foot. Here's one example:

Start your research here:

(type any word/phrase, then press enter)

For the HTML code, please go to: http://refuniv.odyssi.com/support/refunivwidget.htm



3. Improving your Holdings Profile

Paratext has prepared a useful synopsis on how to improve your holdings profile and enhanced the accuracy of your Reference Universed queries. http://refuniv.odyssi.com/support/ruprofile.pdf



4. Case Studies

How is Reference Universe being used today at other libraries? See four recently published case studies showing the application for various academic libraries:

Doctoral Research Library

Master's Institution Library

Baccalaureate Library

Associate College Library

If you are interested in producing your own case study, please contact Paratext at info@paratext.com. We can help you produce a simple and effective study to aid your colleagues in other institutions.



5. Usage Statistics

Reference Universe usage statistics can be found at  http://refuniv.odyssi.com/stats.

These stats are available 24/7, one month after your library begins access. Statistics can be found in three forms: interactive color graphs; COUNTER format; and as simple log files.


For additional assistance, please contact Paratext (info@paratext.com).